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I swear my posture has improved but when I look in the mirror it hasn't so it is just the openness around the chest and throat I am feeling.

You have a special gift and all week I have thought about some people I love  who could benefit from a session with you. You got into a place that I have been struggling with for YEARS.  Thank you for that. 

Stoney River


I highly recommend Andrea for Intuitive Energy sessions! 

She is gentle, kind, compassionate, well-organized, and highly-skilled.  

I have had three sessions with Andrea. 

She has provided me with valuable information about my current energy-state, childhood-trauma, and past-lives.  She spent time in each session healing these areas, and suggested ways that I could work on healing myself.  I always feel fulfilled after our sessions.   

I trust Andrea completely, and I will continue to have Energy sessions with her.  



Andrea is an absolutely natural energy healer with intuitive sensitivities and perceptions, combined with a very positive strengths-based approach. I felt like I was in very capable and trusted hands and immensely enjoyed her gentle yet powerful practice. I like how enthusiastic she was about what she discovered in my energy field and I felt supported to build on and empower my innate strengths.



I had a session with Andrea in early April 2023.  I enjoyed it so very much.  Going into the session with a present openness I was not expecting to need intention.  Thankfully Andrea was able to kindly guide me throughout the session to find some intentions, focus and to think of my emotions in ways I had not in many years.  I found her intuition spot on and was surprised at how quickly she was able to tune into my present and my past.  She’s helped me realize I have much work to do and with her encouragement I have begun.   She is a ray of sunlight.  With her help, I can’t wait to peel more layers, relax more deeply and let go of what holds me back.

Stoney River


With care, Andrea entered my energy - which I could feel as an all over body tingle. The work that we have done that day and since then has made me aware that Andrea is a natural energy healer and with the knowledge gained my committing to the New Earth Energy School she is, in my mind,  a powerful energy healer. 


Her approach is gentle, yet profound. She has revealed to me many things about the past and the present. Things that were a surprise to me, and even now I get goosebumps just thinking of them. Andrea offers little things that I can do to change my present surroundings, like making an offering to a sad forest. Working with Andrea is a pleasure. 

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